Flip van Antwerpen 1988

 Never been displayed publicly. The drawing reflects that nothing is what you think it is. Truth means little if perception overshadows the truth! This picture is about your perception of the truth, but be careful nothing is what is seems! It will teach you to look deeper and be careful to make judgement without acknowledging that someone might see it differently. Pencil drawing created in 1988 by Flip van Antwerpen.

Color pencil drawing never completed. An adapted version of the Nazareth record album cover picture. 

1988 by Flip van Antwerpen.

This piece reflects the raw yet fragile power and influence of the politician who very seldom owns the podium with honesty, dignity and empathy. We have free will and yet are influence through these characters into despicable acts of horror.  First time ever for sale! 

Color pencil drawing created in 1988 by Flip van Antwerpen.


1986 by Flip van Antwerpen.


by Flip van Antwerpen.


by Flip van Antwerpen.

by Flip van Antwerpen.