We are figuring things out collectively.

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Why talk about NFTs and Web3?

We are creating a legitimate NFT project to develop awareness and knowledge that needs to be known when dealing with cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Web3. Too many new people enter the space and are not educated about the risks. This creates the wild west of scams on the internet today. We would also like to say that we are still deciding whether we stand for or are against NFTs before making a significant drop because we feel that it is essential for the public to know what they are buying into. The world does not understand what ART can do for the world yet, but that's okay. We feel that we just might be able to make the world a slightly better place by getting "out-of-the-box thinkers" together to discuss innovative ideas regarding Web3 through real personal connections. We also invited members to have an open debate about why they feel NFTs are not part of a revolutionary social impact.

We all know why social currency is a thing, and modern-day brand deals prove it. We feel that something on the internet is happening, but we want to make sure we ask the right questions collectively as a community. This is an excellent opportunity to have open discussions about crypto, NFTs, and intellectuals worldwide who are selling their intellectual property through NFTs. Whether you like it or not, it's happening, and the most incredible artists in the world are buying these JPEGs like it's !@#$#% real estate. Let's not miss something we can discuss in peace. We are just friends who have a platform to talk about cool shit. We want to schedule a discussion in "The Lounge" channel for whoever wants to join the talk regarding the internet in 2022. More details will be discussed further. No HATE will be tolerated in this group. Every person's opinion matters; otherwise, nothing matters. Please enjoy and respect the community's guidelines. "The Lounge" open time will be announced soon. 


Necessary to know - I suggest creating an anonymous username until you are more educated about NFTs and Web3.


We called ourselves "Scam Artists" because we think some controversy is a good thing for art. We might change the name in the future, lol. Please feel free to join the discord group and join the start of something that just might turn into a beautiful thing - https://discord.gg/sSvWpC8J (Currently open)


Let's just connect.